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Adolfo felix

Experimental photography and illustration work by Adolfo Félix, Rubén Encinas and Ernesto Tánory via Behance it reminds me of the art work for the album discloser

@rubylewinx ✧*ೃ༄

in case you ever feel bad about yourself, this cartoon doggie is glad you exist :)

Marc Johns (Victoria, Canada)

An essential online data-bank referencing today’s most influential creators, artists and designers from around the world.

elephant whimsy

I’m truly surprised that we seem to get by without polka dot elephants, serving pie.

Lovely work by Rebecca Green

One of my pages from 'What To Do When A Ghost Finds You'. Ghosts love to be read to, and so do the rest of us, which is why I'm so pumped to say I'll be selling a limited number of signed printed copies! Details soon!