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Aurum (Student Project) harbs packaging so nice Packaging Snack, Spices Packaging, Clever Packaging, Candy Packaging, Seed Packaging, Food Packaging Design, Paper Packaging, Packaging Design Inspiration, Branding Design

Aurum (Student Project)

Designer: Catherine Marion Country: Canada The brand Aurum was created as part of a University assignment and as a pretext to design a visual identity. For this project, I knew that I wanted to work the theme of spices. I therefore created Aurum, a company that produces blends of fine spices. The brand name was selected due to its meaning, being “gold” in Latin. It has first been chosen for the link that unites spices to wealth and nobility. During the Antiquity, these were so rare and…

A tea-chest bedside-cupboard conversion by Sam Wheeler at Rock Terrace. Reuse Recycle, Upcycle, Recycling, Crate Ideas, Painted Drawers, Trunks And Chests, Upcycling Ideas, Second Chances, Recycled Furniture

Rock Terrace

A tea-chest bedside-cupboard conversion by Sam Wheeler at Rock Terrace.

Calendula - flower or herb? this seasons crop Calendula, Health Coach, Love Food, Healing, Herbs, Seasons, Eat, Flowers, Plants

Calendula - flower or herb? this seasons crop

Calendula is a flowering plant I have been fond of since I was a small child because my mother fancied them, and she always planted a row along the pathway to the back door. I'm sure its because they are bright, and hardy, as well as therapeutic, and we just loved them. While Mum never added the flowers to any salads we ate, nor did she make tinctures, lotions or even shampoo from them, they have for centuries been enjoyed as ornamentals, culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal reasons. One end of…

tumeric latte for a dull day Tumeric Latte, Eat, Blouse, Tops, Women, Fashion, Moda, Women's, La Mode

IMG 8663

tumeric latte for a dull day #tumeric

grow-eat-heal with Jocelyn: what to do with left over roast lamb - lamb and ca. Roast Lamb, Cauliflower Curry, Love Food, Healing, Eat, Ethnic Recipes, Therapy, Recovery

what to do with left over roast lamb - lamb and cauliflower curry

lamb and cauliflower curry Left over roast lamb - about 2 cups of cut pieces 1/2 head of small cauli -blended to rice size pieces - about 2 cups full Left over roast lamb gravy -watered down to be 2-3 cups 1 cup coconut milk Spice mix 2 tsp ground tumeric - I used my fresh dried, milled 2 tsp ground coriander - I used seeds and milled them 1/4tsp cardamom 1 tsp ground cumin - I used seeds and milled them 1/4 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp ginger - if using fresh add in the pan with the garlic and…

grow-eat-heal with Jocelyn: Super healing juice Health Coach, Love Food, Pineapple, Juice, Beans, Healing, Weight Loss, Fruit, Recipes

Super healing juice

to make Super healing juice (Need a powerful blender and good juicer) 1/3 of a Fresh pineapple - peeled, cut. 1 pear 2 carrots 3 stalks of celery 1 lemon 4cm of fresh ginger - roughly peeled and sliced 1 fresh beetroot Handful of fresh microgreens Handful of goji berries Handful of sunflower seeds 1 banana 2 tsp of probiotics (I used changing habits) Juice the fruit and veg Blend the sunflower seeds and goji berries Then pour the juice in with the seeds and berries in the blender. Add the…

grow-eat-heal: Cappuccino breakfast cakes Breakfast Cake, Love Food, Latte, Healing, Herbs, Cakes, Recipes, Mudpie, Herb

Cappuccino breakfast cakes

Cappuccino breakfast cakes 1 cappuccino made with any milk u like including cinnamon on the top 1 cup of buckwheat flour 1 egg 1 large banana - or 2 small Mix all ingredients together into a thick batter -add more water or flour if needed. Drop large spoonfuls into a hot pan with butter or coconut oil. Cook until golden on each side. Serve with fresh fruit and a dollop of yoghurt and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

grow-eat-heal: OMG - amazing bliss balls Bliss Balls, Health Coach, Love Food, Healing, Herbs, Chocolate, Eat, Breakfast, Desserts

OMG - amazing bliss balls

Amazing bliss balls 1 cup of pitted dates 1 cup of any other dried fruit - I used apricots, goji berries, currants 3/4 cup mixed raw nuts 2 tbsp of coconut oil 1/2 cup Changing Habits cacao wafers LSA shredded coconut Blend - (I fight my blender here. I have to push the content down and around to get it to chop) The moisture content varies depending on dryness of dates, so after blending and before rolling I added LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds) to suit (about 3 tbsp) Roll…

grow-eat-heal: Wednesday wopper - get ya wheels spinning Health Coach, Love Food, Spinning, Wednesday, Wheels, Healing, Weight Loss, Eat, Recipes

Wednesday wopper - get ya wheels spinning

Juice - in your juicer 2 large leaves of kale - 100gms approx 1/8 cabbage or a small slice off a big one Handful of mint leaves 3 oranges 4 tomatoes 1 small zucchini - I peeled half the skin off 2 carrots Makes enough for 2 x 300ml glasses Nutrition notes- Kale, raw - Just 100gm serving of this superfood contains a daily dose of vitamin C and more than your daily amount of vitamin A. The calcium-rich food also provides a large dose of Vitamin K(1) – the vital nutrient to help your blood…