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The only woman I ever loved did this to me some 8yrs ago; though it took a while to get over, it DID teach me a lot about myself--that is, while I do not tolerate such things any longer, I am giving and affectionate, by nature.  -KevB

Once in your life someone will hurt you.because they take all that you are and rip it into pieces. No matter how hard they destroy you, you can conquer anyone. You are strong.


Especially the memories associated with childhood on the Margaret Road before it was paved. and growing up in the country. other dirt roads that were a part of my childhood.Sanie Road, Black Jack Road and Roulaine Road. Memories of all.

Wrist tattoo - birds

"I bet this would look absolutely adorable on a smaller scale" bird tattoo bird tatto tattoos tattoos sparrow tattoo and white sparrow patterns design

Dream catcher

I'm actually seriously considering the foot tatoo, I've always really loved the art and design of dream catchers and its such a nice tatoo but the thing is that I think that tatoo will be extremely painful. What are people's thoughts?