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Ridiculously Beautiful Photos of New Zealand (15 photos)

Cosmic closeup ... a supermoon seen from Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend. Photograph: Simon Runting/Rex Features  Photographers took spectacular shots of this year's "supermoon", the visual spectacle that occurs once a year when the full moon is closest to the Earth. Pictures showed the giant moon dwarfing observers and looming over hillsides as if it was approaching the Earth in a science-fiction scenario.

Astronomical art: the changing face of the supermoon

LUNARCY A stargazer in front of the supermoon at Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand. The once-a-year cosmic event lights up the night sky as the full moon passes at its closest to the Earth. (Photo: Simon Runting / Rex Features via The Guardian)

NZ's South Island, beautiful and breath taking landscape

Inspirational and amazing pictures of New Zealand taken by Trey Ratcliff specializing in HDR Photography, Landscape Photography and Travel Photography

Before the Storm, by Maarten Dijkstra  (c) Images for Art 2012  $390 on

Before the Storm, by Maarten Dijkstra (c) Images for Art 2012 $390 on

NZ greeting cards by Jess Sanford Photography

NZ Greeting Cards by Jess Sanford Photography

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