Top 10 Clean Eating Recipes. I would make the recipe shown in the picture again but omit the thyme and add a different seasoning.

20 Clean Eating Recipes - TOP 10 for 2014 & 2015 [Link for 2016 Recipes]

Nail Art

Grab your lovely pastel nails polishes and let's make some nail designs that are going to be fun and colorful. In this post you can take a look at 15 Spring Pastel Nail Designs.

Nails Art - black cute easy nail design Check out the website

We think these black, sparkling silver glitter and nude nails with mani heart design are great for Valentine's Day - alternatively a gold sparkling glitter nail would also go really well with this design.

Cute nail design for kids... #cupcake #naildesigns #kids

Image viaCupcake birthday cake nail art in beautiful blue pink and bright colors.Image viaHave all the cake you want! Its your Birthday! Birthday Cake nail tutorial on youtu


Dotted heart nail design: pinks and white nail art: multicolor multicolour polka dots in the shape of a heart one accent nail

My nail art done at Leah light nails and beauty

My nail art done by on etsy Light Nails and Beauty

Mad about the Girl

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Sở dĩ người ta đau khổ là do đeo đuổi những thứ sai lầm!

eye, makeup

Quite the golden eyelashes! [Golden glitter mascara by Kenneth Willard for Tush magazine]