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Small Master Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Thinking about tiny houses always prompts the question of whether I myself could live in a tiny house. Part of me thinks I could, because I love the idea of minimal living, getting by on the essentials, and spending more time outdoors. But another part of me thinks I couldn't, because my home is my sanctuary and I want that sanctuary to have certain things in it, including personal space and lots of storage!

6 Organization Lessons to Learn from Tiny Houses

Kitchen storage space is always at a premium, and this is especially true in small kitchens. But fortunately, having a kitchen with a small footprint doesn't have to mean always struggling to fit things in. If you're remodeling, consider one of these 13 s

cool 6 Tiny Houses We Could Actually Live In by http://www.danaz-home-decorations.xyz/tiny-homes/6-tiny-houses-we-could-actually-live-in/

6 Tiny Houses We Could Actually Live In 6 Tiny Houses We Could Actually Live In Who knew small could be this chic?", "name": Tiny House.

Find inspiration for your own tiny house with small kitchen space ideas. From colorful backsplashes to innovative cabinet designs, these creative tiny house kitchen ideas will inspire your own downsizing project.

13 tiny house kitchens that feel like plenty of space