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People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Rules for Raising a Boy - 18 (Because 25 Was Too Hard To Come Up With) Rules for Mothers of Sons


Battle of Helm's Deep Lego style - Builder GOEL KIM has constructed the battle of Helm's Deep in his garage, and it’s massive. It already has minifigs and it’s only done. That’s a whole lot of orcs and elves.

Lego Tiger! If only I had more Legos!

Previous Pinner said "Lego Tiger! If only I had more Legos! --- New Releases 24 Hour Deals Buy Five Star Products With Up To Discount"

Hehe this is cool

make a LEGO utensil holder. If your kids have outgrown LEGO, this is a fun way of still using them! Even better idea would be in a kids room to begin with as a pencil /whatnot box.