Brad Dixon (EVERfit & ENDURObeet)

Brad Dixon (EVERfit & ENDURObeet)
The beautiful Mt. Maungnaui / Sports Physiotherapist, Endurance coach, RPM Les Mills instructor, Magazine contributor, and owner of ENDURObeet (endurance enhancing beetroot powder)
Brad Dixon (EVERfit & ENDURObeet)
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Vegan Banana Pancakes

You won't believe how light and fluffy these little beauties are! Enough for four medium sized pancakes.

Running Reps

Reps are a great way to get the body and mind used to discomfort. As always this type of training has to be completed within capacity - NEVER train through pain that alters your movement patterns.

Overcoming fear of swimming in open water

Triathlon training, nutrition and gear advice for the beginner triathlete.

"Wholistic" Runner Part 2 - SLEEP

In part 2 of the Wholistic Runner series I look deep into the most performance enhancer there is. Are you prioritising it, or succumbing to the hectic nature of life. This was published in KIWI Trail Runner Issue

Developing our AEROBIC potential and WELLNESS

Film about Joy Johnson, who became a runner at the age of and two years later went on to run 25 consecutive New York City Marathons. Her last was in At the age of

ENDURObeet Energy Balls

These balls have a smoother consistency, super easy to roll, and more like a chocolate beetroot truffle with all the raw energy goodness!

Plant Powered People

This is my Plant Powered People article that was published in the Aus/NZ Trail Magazine. Enjoy the read, and I hope it helps you along your plant powered journey.