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Chakras and Auras

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Protection Crystals

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In this post we look at how to use Crystals and the Law of Attraction for Holistic Healing.  Discover our guide for how you can harness Universal Energy to manifest greater health, well-being and inner peace. via @HealthyNatured
4 Amethyst Thumb And Palm Stones (Crystal Healing, Reiki And Stress Relief) via @HolisticsJB
Discover the top 5 Heart Chakra Crystals to open, balance and align Anahata.      Our Heart Chakra is the body's energetic control center.     It is the 4th of our major chakras, located at heart center directly between the lower bodies physical 3 (Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura) and the upper bodies spiritual 3 (Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara).

Crystal Decor

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Sound Healing

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his post we look at guided meditations for achieving balance and promote Muladhara Root Chakra Healing.  Discover why it is of vital importance that we achieve balance within Muladhara the Root Chakra. via @HealthyNatured
Starting at the top of your head, relax your scalp completely. Feel the skin of your forehead and temples relax. Allow your eye muscles to release, your jaw to soften, and let your ears, nose and chin, teeth tongue and gums relax. Now, just let this peaceful feeling flow down your neck. Feel it soothe your throat and dissolve any tension on contact as it glides down to your shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists and hands. Let this peaceful sensation of relaxation begin to fill your torso. Feel
Chakra Meditation - Activating Muladhara The Root Chakra

Root Chakra Meditation

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