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Will and Guy's humour, funny chicken jokes. Why did the chicken cross the road. A husband took his wife to the doctor. 'Oh, doctor', he said, 'my wife thinks she's a chicken'.


These pools by Master Pools Builders will grab your attention. Imagine sitting in a dry sunken island-lounge area in the pool. See these and more amazing pool features. Article in Luxury Pools Magazine, Spring 2010

Pool Bedroom

Pool Room Bed Breaking building codes is not a cool thing. Lets look at this realistically what if one night you slept walk and fell into the pool. You would drown or even worst piss in the pool.

Don't mind if I do!!

I LOVE THIS IDEA! If I build a 2 story house I want this staircase & slide. I would so use it! This fun isn't just for the kids! The one change I would make to it would be less stairs &/or further spaced apart.

Like being at a spa!

Infinity tub with stone but add soapstone enclosure. HGTVs Top 10 Designer Bathrooms : Rooms : Home & Garden Television

So cute!

Zebra Stripe Hot Pink Cookies-These would be so cute for a girl's baby shower or birthday party. Yummy but would definitely use more food dye to get a good pink color.