KitKat 2050

KitKat 2050

OTAKU world  ·  "Besides, it doesn't really matter, does it? Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway? It's on the inside that counts."-Haruhi Fujioka
KitKat 2050
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Ahhh turkey x Ukraine

Ship it, or Roxelana will rise from her grave, pretty pissed off.

Love it!!!!! XD

the first part of a swap AU with Ouran High School Host Club and Miraculous Ladbybug - Haruhi as Ladybug and Tamaki as Chat Noir (and I’m not which idea I like better: running the host club but with.

Because you are stronger than you know, wiser than you believe, and more capable than you can imagine.

Because you are meant for the journey of dreaming big, and soaring to unimaginable heights.