Ka wani ke! Now this is Maori Time!! This is from domesticscene.wordpress! Excellent for advanced learners of Te Reo, here are the maori name for parts of the day. #reobits

Te Ara Reo wiki 7 [wāhanga o te rā/ parts of the day]

Our aim is to use these descriptions of the natural world in our everyday kōrero instead of using time measurements. Eg: I oho aku tamariki i te Ata hāpara (My kids woke up at dawn). Pō & Night At…

Te reo Maori - Pepeha (Who I am, where I come from)

Te reo Maori - Pepeha (Who I am, where I come from) - get started with improving your cultural competencies!

Te reo Māori resource- Growth Mindset... I can! www.thetereomaoriclassroom.co.nz


The question I hear most often is "How can I incorporate more te reo into my classroom when I'm still learning myself?" It is a questi.

Maori days of the week

Days of the Week in Maori - Nga ra o te wiki. Ka timata te kura a tēra Rāhina

Maori Alphabet Chart

Maori Alphabet Chart

A nice bi-cultural chart of the Maori alphabet for teachers to be able to include in their classrooms.

te reo maori website resources from NZ National library

Here's a range of online resources to support learning te reo Māori at all levels — ranging from beginners to fluent te reo speakers.

The Family Bilingual Chart | Te Reo Maori Resources

The Family Bilingual Chart