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Aurender UT100 USB Audio 2.0 To SPDIF Optical Converter | LSVBNE Website Optimization, A30, Audiophile, Converter, Concept Design, Optical, Devices, Connect, Cable
USB-TO-OPTICAL CONVERSION UT100 is a high-quality USB to Optical (Toslink) conversion interface. Connect a USB cable from your Aurender's USB Audio output, and UT00 will convert the signal to Optical/Toslink output. The maximum input/output signal type is 24-bit/192kHz. UT00 is compatible with Aurender models N150, N200, ACS10, ACS100, A200, A15, A20 and A30. It is for use with Aurender only and not compatible with other USB devices.
Aurender N200 Caching Music Server Fortitude Valley, Digital Audio, Sound Quality, Music Lovers, Server, Expensive
Description N200 represents a milestone in terms of exceptional sound quality, unique feature set, and high value. In order to make N200 accessible to as many music lovers as possible, we have omitted the expensive OCXO-controlled digital audio board in favor of a simple, dedicated USB audio output.
Aurender N150 Music Player and Server | LSVBNE Cd Player, Economical, Entry, Sound, Budget, Audio
SMART DECISION FOR THE SOUND OBSESSED N150 is the most accessible and economical entry point to the "Aurender Way" of enjoying music with a stable, reliable, great sounding digital source component. Although it was designed with affordability in mind, in true Aurender fashion, its audio performance decidedly belies its cost. The N150 is the source to choose when upgrading from a cd player, computer, or budget brand streamer to discover the world of true high end, high resolution playback.
Aurender N10 Music Server | LSVBNE Hifi, Sound & Vision, User Experience
Replace your computer as a digital audio source with this elegant streamer by Aurender. With AES/EBU and SPDIF audio outputs, the N10 represents a superior method of audio transmission with nearly universal compatibility, less jitter, and greater ease and flow to the overall musical presentation. N10 represents the state-of-the-art of these protocols with its OCXO controlled SPDIF outputs – use them and discover a higher standard than the common USB streamer/server.
Aurender MC20 Reference Master Clock | LSVBNE Digital Data, Audio System, Stability, Rate
A NEW STANDARD OF ACCURACY AND STABILITY In any digital audio system, the rate at which digital data is transmitted and received is of the utmost importance. Specifically, all devices in the digital signal path must be synchronized in order to provide a coherent presentation.
Aurender ACS100 Caching Music Server Streamer CD Ripper | LSVBNE Upgrade, Central, Cd, Management, Library, System
THE MULTI-TALENTED UTILITY PLAYER ACS100 offers a sensible solution to add CD Ripping, Library Management, and Central Server functionality to any Aurender system. Conceived as an accessory upgrade or add-on, ACS100 includes all the utility of ACS10 in a simpler package.
Aurender ACS10 Caching Music Server Streamer CD Ripper | LSVBNE Hdd, Libraries, High Performance, Dual
ACS10 Library management powerhouse, Audiophile USB output High Performance Digital Output Network Transport with Automatic CD Ripping / Library Management / Metadata Editing and Massive Dual-HDD Storage Central Server Hub for Large Libraries
Aurender A30 Flagship Digital Music Player + Streamer + CD Ripper + Music Server | LSVBNE Bach, Digital Music, Streamers, Essence
A MARRIAGE OF PERFORMANCE AND CONVENIENCE A30 is the flagship model from Aurender’s range of analog output network players. Like A200, A15, and A20, A30 is, at its essence, a caching music server/streamer with a built-in DAC and analog outputs. A30 is built around Aurender's best internal DAC architecture: a dual-mono pair of AKM4497 DACs for the ultimate performance in channel separation, resolution, and control.
Aurender A200 Caching Music Server Streamer DAC | LSVBNE Virtue
A200 replaces model A100 as Aurender's most compact and economical Analog Output Network Player. Offering superlative audio performance and the renowned Aurender user experience, A200 is an ideal choice for the music lover building a high-performance yet economical digital audio system. By virtue of its all-new low power Intel quad-core processor, low noise linear power supply, MQA Full-Decoder DAC, and adaptive storage system
Aurender A15 High Performance Music Server Streamer DAC Audible, Paradigm, Replacement, Elegant, Music
ELEGANT SIMPLICITY The revolutionary A10 changed the paradigm for Aurender by introducing our first music server/streamer with a built-in DAC. A15 is the upgraded replacement of A10, featuring many new features and audible improvements.
Aurender A20 Caching Music Server Streamer DAC | LSVBNE Bays, Capacity, Relationship
REDEFINING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DIGITAL AUDIO AND MUSIC A20 is derived from A30 and delivers the very same reference-level audio performance, but without the CD ripping and library management functionality. A20 also replaces A30’s factory-fitted 10TB HDD with two user accessible bays to install one or two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs for the music storage capacity needed or desired.