Jandal wall art - classic kiwiana

Foot Loose Jandals by Jason Kelly for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints

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Four Four Time by Dick Frizzell. New Zealand Art Print News: Four Square Man Returns in Dick Frizzell's Great New Zealand Songbook Prints

Worldwide Culture Swap: New Zealand - Kiwiana

Have you heard of Kiwiana I hadn't until I received a Culture Swap package from a lovely family from New Zealand which contained a fantasti.

Dick Frizzell's Mr 4 Square

Four Square Man for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints. Original concept and drawing attributed to Dick Frizell. (Father of Otis, another great artist)

L & P and fish 'n chips #kiwiana

L & P and fish 'n chips - lunch on the beach. Can't get any more Kiwi than this!

lindreth upside down: Kiwiana

Pineapple Lumps - a soft, chewy pineapple-flavoured centres covered with chocolate. try them at room temperature, chilled or frozen for different textures.

Classic Kiwiana

Fun Fact: Our friendly store-keepers in the Stone Store wear Four Square aprons.