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Hey, guys! This is my Pinterest page!
Living On A Page
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SuperWhoLock's Hogwarts Houses

Different types of houses… except Matt Smith isn't so much a Ravenclaw as a Hufflepuff. But Benedict as a Ravenclaw.

just girly things

The littlest things make me's not hard to please me.i'm a free spirit.i'm strong and determined.i love to look at the stars.I'm just a girl, and that's all I want to be.

nice The Happiness Challenge Guaranteed to Change Your Life One year may seem like a long time, but these are activities you will truly enjoy. We made them easy so that accomplishing a long-term goal will be .

"just girly things~things only girls understand" by directionerforlife5 ❤ liked on Polyvore

"just girly things~things only girls understand" except the writing songs and

It's the best <3

Seriously, as normal I am so behind the times. I just finished reading Divergent (in 2 days) and I am completely amazed. I usually can't get into a book but I believe that everyone wants to be a little bit tris-ish.

Smart, strong and brave!

young girls are told that they have to be the delicate princess. hermione taught them. that they can be the warrior- Emma Watson

Yes they are! I hope I add as much to their lives as they add to mine.

The saying "you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family" is the most wrong thing I ever heard. I DID choose my family; I chose my friends to be my family

cranniesinmybrain: When I go camping, and I do go camping on the rare occasion, I always take two or four or eight books. I take the book down the river. I read in the tent. I read outside the tent. I read. And listen to nature.