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Genius. Guh. Wish I had thought of this:  Admiral Snackbar's "It's a Wrap!" If this were a Food Truck in Portland, there would be a line around the block.

Funny pictures about Admiral Snackbar. Oh, and cool pics about Admiral Snackbar. Also, Admiral Snackbar photos.

Good humor icecream decals

When Bubba was alive, we would share a Bubble Gun popsicle (upper right). I would eat until I was done, then hold the stick for him until he ate the rest.

Forget the ice cream truck. Make your own Oreo Good Humor Pops instead.

Avoid the ice cream man by making your own Oreo Good Humor pops

Cookies and cream ice cream bars - a dessert inspired by the famous Oreo Good Humor Bars. These dessert bars are easy to make, ready in less than an hour (including freezing time!

Michigan winter

On one side it would be awesome to ride in one of those. On the other that is a horrible idea because snow days are what makes winter tolerable during school.



It's so hot, even the ice ceam truck is melting...

These Internet memes sum up how unpredictable Texas weather can be. Via GuideLive.

The Good Humor Man (Big Little Golden Book): Golden Books, Tibor Gergely

Peaches thug kitchen

Thug Kitchen - Vegan Peach Pancakes: Chop the peaches and puree (Or puree canned ones) Mix the dry indredients Add the milk and puree Use to cook the pancakes. You can freeze the leftovers for another morning!

The foodie movement continues to grow in both popularity and scope and learning the patois of the distinguished palate is increasingly important. If you or someone you know likes to eat, it’s likely that concepts such as flavor profiles, foams, and food trucks are perplexing. With the humor and classical education techniques of our Foodie Flashcards, you’ll learn to speak omnivorously in no time!

Cooking shows are all the rage, celebrity chef restaurants and gourmet clubs are de rigueur, now you can learn to speak like a top chef with this deck of Foodie Flashcards.

Icecream Truck Troll – 101photography

Funny pictures about Troll Ice Cream Truck. Oh, and cool pics about Troll Ice Cream Truck. Also, Troll Ice Cream Truck photos.

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Oh goody! And I have to fill the car and the gas can for the mower! I've lost my arm, leg and I guess my born! We're in a foreign country. Oh yeah, their gas is probably cheaper.