Orange Gerberas by Richard Kam on 500px

grow to about high, flower late spring or early summer.

In Japanese culture, the iris flower is revered for its purifying properties. In Japan, a common iris definition includes the idea of purifying evil energies and protecting those who wear it. The iris flower is a common symbol found in kimono fabrics, as well as in paintings and the short Japanese poetry style known as haiku.

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by Richard Kam | GuruShots

tiny buds by Richard Kam

papillon by Richard Kam | GuruShots

papillon by Richard Kam

Pieris by Richard Kam | GuruShots

Pieris by Richard Kam

rain droplets (Richard Kam / Auckland / New Zealand) Mark III

capsicum by Richard Kam | GuruShots

capsicum by Richard Kam

Bell Pepper - The bell pepper is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum.