A slideshow of 12 plants perfect for terrariums.

Top Terrarium Plants

Top Terrarium Terrariums help bring greenery to indoor spaces, but will flourish with the best terrarium plants. See our favorite selection of terrarium plants -- in beautiful containers -- to help you create your own.

6 best indoor house plants | Amber Interiors

Sick of your run-of-the-mill indoor house plant? Get ideas from these best indoor house plants' by Amber Interiors!

hanging plants in a small space with white tiles always nice to have plants in bathroom makes everything more nice and nature-y


my all time favorite house plant! Fiddle leaf fig trees are the king of indoor plants! So sculptural.


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simple styling with a rustic table, white walls and a container with a soft green plant being the show stopper of the vignette

Eames by Vitra

Charles Eames and Ray Eames, Elephant, molded plywood, from the LACMA…

fiddle leaf fig

Inspiration: Bringing Bigger Plants Indoors

I'm currently in love with Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig trees). I want it desperately in my house, but sadly, they are toxic to dogs, so alas - no Fiddle Leaf for Ridgewood.


Great idea for growing herbs inside - especially if you have cats who like to eat your plants!Broken terracotta pots, moss and ivy add interest to these 'terrariums' I created using beautiful Hellebore plants.

there's a fiddle leaf fig watching over you

Calm bedroom with a fig for company. House Call with Clarisse Demory of Ensuite, Remodelista

floral arrangements orchids glass bells

Glass bell jars showcasing a few unique plants or small flower arrangements as part of the long tablescape; by ariella chezar