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Singapore is one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia with endless choices of shopping centres, five-star Singapore hotels, eclectic nightlife scenes and well-known attractions. Check out the list of shopping choices compiled by Marriott that is suitable for all types, from world-class brands to its very own famous thrift shopping areas.

One of Asia's top shopping destinations. From street-side flea markets, all-time favorite high street labels to a wide range of luxury brand items, Singapore is definitely a shopper's dream.

Floor plan

Today I went searching for a floor plan with a built-in fireplace (seeing as it’s getting cold around here! I found this 4 bedroom family home with a few other cool features.

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Cannabis Smokers: Why are they skinny?

This infographic takes a look on how the stoner crowd stays skinny. Here's some answers to the question, why are pot smokers skinny?

INFOGRAPHIC: Short Guide to Drinking Culture in Korea

INFOGRAPHIC: Short Guide to Drinking Culture in Korea Confused By The Scenes You See In Learn All About Korean Drinking Etiquette With This Guide. -Drama Fever If you love arts and crafts you will appreciate this website!