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AM/FM Radios. Portable, Mantle Radios, and Alarm Clock Radios. Bluetooth, Streaming they're all here at The Listening Post Christchurch | Wellington #TLPCHC #TLPWGL ::
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#Sangean #ATS-909x

Sangean Professional Multi-band Am And Fm And Sw Receiver (white)

Sangean #PR-D19 Portable Clock Radio

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#Sangean #PS-100 Pillow Speaker

Sangean White Pillow Speaker for Private Listening for New Free US Shipping

#Sangean #RCR-9 Clock Radio

The is a cool, easy-to-read clock radio. Like the rest of Sangean's range, it gets excellent reception and sounds good for a unit this size.

Sangean DDR-36 Digital Clock Radio

Features Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone & a USB out port to charge it. Inbuilt twin speakers & a passive sub for enhanced bass.

#Sangean #U4 #Utility/Worksite Radio

Windy, wet or stormy - Sangean is built to last. It's rain, dust & shock resistant! Aside from excellent durability, this radio offers functionality & convenience.

#Sangean #ATS-405 Digital World Clock Radio

The Sangean is perfect for those who want access to an amazingly broad range of radio stations - whether it be local, national or even international!

#Sangean #DT-120 Digital Pocket Radio

Small portable radio (with headphones) from Sangean. Due to it's size this radio is highly portable and convenient.

Sangean #DT-250 Digital Portable Radio

Sangean #DT-250 Digital Portable Radio

Sangean #H201 #WaterResistant Shower Radio

Sangean's is a high quality water resistant AM / FM radio with PLL tuning. Mount it in the shower, kitchen, laundry - this radio is built for damp situations.

#Sangean #MMR-88 #EmergencyRadio

MMR 88 is Crank or Solar Powered, Waterproof, great for camping. Available in Christchurch and Wellington NZ.