Mel Kadel

Mel Kadel

I feel so lonely. I don't know if it because I need a change of pace or I'm ready to move on, but I need to get this feeling away from me. So lonely, but forever thoughtful. A horrible combination.

"unleash your fears...and love their beauty". -jm  illustration by mel kadel

For my daughter: "unleash your fears.and love their beauty". -jm illustration by mel kadel

Mel Kadel

ideas for a long term project: layering in pattern

Mel Kadel.

This piece is way more impressive in person. Ripped pieces of paper create an interesting feel

Mel Kadel 'Rain Stain'

Art About Overcoming Obstacles (20 total)

Rain Stain Los Angeles based artist Mel Kadel creates complicated characters you can easily identify with.


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