Teresa Hannard

Teresa Hannard

Teresa Hannard
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Highland Guard by Tatchit on deviantART  Such a cool mix of peacock and snow cat <3

Snowflake : Strong, kind, brave, and acts fancy and delicate sometimes. (Type: Peacock leopard (Mate: none

AP studio art- surrealism project example

Done by a student doing the AP Studio course which is a High School art program in the US. This piece fits within the Surreal Genre.

Teenager breaks down the unrealistic anatomies of Disney princesses Meridith Viguet’s ‘Disney Girls Tutorial’ highlights the unattainable physical features shared by the cartoon characters, including their giant eyes, tiny feet and little waists.

Millions of little girls dream of being a Disney princess, but what they may not realize is that bodies like Jasmine’s and Belle’s could not exist in the real world.