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Long term thumb sucking can cause severe problems for the teeth and jaw. This includes overbite, also known as buck teeth and cross bite. Such issues can then lead to speech defects, difficulty eating and jaw pain. Our fabric gloves help children end the habit.

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The products - thumb guards.

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Thumb Guard- a glove to help Stop thumb sucking habits in children and – The Thumb Guard Store
If you are seeking thumb sucking solutions, why not start with our ultimate beginner's guide? Click the link and discover all you need to know about thumb guards and how they can help your child end the habit. #ParentingBloggers #TheThumbGuardStore #ParentingTips #KidsParenting #DentalAdvice

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Our thumb guards are colorful so children will want to wear them. We choose fabrics that are comfortable so that the guard will not chafe and they are washable. We also choose fastenings that are easy to use, so older children can put the guard on and take it off independently.  Our thumb guards help deter children from sucking their thumb or fingers in two ways. The guards are a visual reminder not to suck and form a barrier between the thumb and the roof of the mouth.
We offer over 100 different fabric designs to increase the chance of your child finding a print they love. When children like their thumb guard they will be more willing to wear it and break their habit of thumb sucking. We also offer a choice of fastenings, so that your child (or you) can select the option that best suits their needs. Our newest thumb guards have a high-quality, water-resistant lining. All our linings are breathable and comfortable against the skin.
Fabric thumb guard. A thumb glove for children who want to | Etsy

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When we first created thumb guards, we were at the beginning of our journey to help our own children stop thumb sucking. Sadly we were too late to help prevent the damage to our son's teeth and jaw. Last week, with most of his adult teeth now through, we took him for his first orthodontist appointment. Here we discovered the cost to correct his teeth and jaw to be upwards of $7000 . Click the link to find out how we walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to thumb sucking.
Whilst it is a less common side effect, Paronychia is of particular concern for many parents. The infection can be acute which means it lasts less than six weeks or chronic which means the infection lasts longer.  This painful infection, (also known as whitlow), occurs when there is a break in the skin around the nail plate which allows bacteria to enter the eponychial space.  You can identify Paronychia when you see inflammation, pus, and tenderness around the nail area.  Click below to read on

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Has your dentist advised that your child needs to stop thumb sucking before the habit damages their teeth or jaw? Thumb Guards Work (but don't just take our word for it.) Why not visit our shop and read our reviews to see what buyers have to say about our thumb guards?

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Thumb guards, finger guards and thumb sucking.

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Finger Guards to help children stop thumb sucking
Last one! This finger guard to help stop children finger sucking is for a left hand, index, and middle fingers measuring 5.5 inches and it has a velcro fastening.
Our #FingerGuards are the colourful, fabric aid to help children stop #fingersucking

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