A bungalow's shell

The Bungalow custom log gazebo. Construction photo of the logs and stone, prior to roof addition.

Manufacturing of a timber gazebo roof

Manufacturing a timber structure to precision means that each timber fits seamlessly together to create a durable and unique outdoor living structure.

Timber gazebo installation

The installation of this Sienna Breeze gazebo is a perfect incorporation to a pre-existing outdoor living space.

A trailwind under construction

Stunning timber connections and artisan carvings make this version of the trailwind fit comfortably into its Haiti location.

A custom trailwind

The custom trailwind design is a unique and quality bungalow structure that will fit into any outdoor living setting.

Bird's eye view of trailwind assembly

This is an aerial view of the installation of the Trailwind timber frame pavilion.

Trailwind assembly

The Trailwind pavilion design features traditional timber connections and unique design.

Timber Truss Construction

The manufacturing of this timber structure shows the precision and quality care that goes into making magnificent outdoor living structures.