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Jenna Jones

I Live In A House / I like drawing and reading and writing. Find me on Wattpad at Wisteria461 to read some of my stories. They are not the best but I am working on them. I also can
Jenna Jones
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4 DIY Healing Balms

4 DIY Healing Balms

Took me longer than it should have.#funny #lol #lolzonline

Took me longer than it should have.#funny #lol #lolzonline

Ha..ha..I need this for ours

My Grandma had a sign similar to this at her "ool"! No eeing in the ool!

Best of Tumblr – 10 pics (Picture Gallery) ------- I actually laughed for about 5 minutes at this picture. I'm actually crying.

Tom Boddingham, has a size 13 right foot while his left is slightly bigger and measures a size But when he ordered his custom-fit slipper manufacturers in China misread size and accidently made a whopping long size

classic! hahahhahahahha! ;)

It made me think what is really the point to have a sign that says baby on board. People are jerks and I don't think they care if baby is on board

╰⊰✿ Ѽղçҽ Աքօղ ą Ƭìʍҽ ✿⊱╮

Russian photographer Darya Kondratyeva makes fairy tales come to life using trained animals and models dressed as princesses, forest spirits, and witches.

I had no idea this was such a widespread problem. LOL

XD Okay, I LITERALLY had to help a kid who was about 11 out of a baby swing because he was super stuck. What is wrong with people? It's called a baby swing for a reason lol


Pictures of kids crying, "We took her to a Justin Bieber concert. Someone ate all the muffins picture (boy crying and he was the one that ate all the muffins).

This is actually golden

'Pitch Perfect' I watched this movie and fat Amy is the best characters. And this is one if the best quotes (Listen to the soundtrack for pitch perfect)

the+vampire+diaries+vampire+hunter+markings | In The Vampire Diaries there have appeared different images and forms ...

Idea - Fandom - The Vampire Daries - Witch, Werewolf, Vampire, Hybrid symbols