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Aaron Wakeling

Aaron Wakeling
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Indifference kills...That is why America is no longer the powerful country she used to be.  We have allowed unscrupulous men and women to lead this country.  Red blooded, flag toting, God fearing people need to force some changes!!!!

Albert Einstein-Stand up before it is too late ,right after you get on your knees and ask God to bless our country and open the eyes of it's people to the evil that now surrounds it .right from the White House down.stand up!

Using acrylic paints to create a colourful background - Three Simple Mixed Media Painting Techniques

Blending Washes - one of - These three simple mixed media painting techniques will bring new skills to your repertoire. With a few paints and a paintbrush, you can create wonderful mixed media backgrounds, uniquely you, ready to embellish.

abstract landscape 282  canvas art red black 550    ...BTW,Please Check this out:  http://artcaffeine.imobileappsys.com

Red original fine art paintings by Dapore: Red landscape painting 3 - Red black white by Theo Dapore

DIY - how to paint candles with crayons!

DIY - how to paint candles with crayons. Just make the crayon paint then paint it on the candle and then light a lighter and swish it around the painting and then it's permanent

DIY Canvas Painting Ideas | DIY ideas

Love is Art Kit // Criss-Cross comes with an added roll of artist tape, enabling you to create a "Criss-Cross" pattern of your liking before you really get started.