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Doesn't say how to do these, but I love them I'm gonna see if I can find out how to!

So neat! Glow in the dark centerpieces Need taller glasses with different height. No tacky jewelry. Replace them with fake variety of gems and petals. Ohyeah change the color of those glow into. Lunar blue or golden yellow?

Medium Centerpiece: 3 cylinder vases; one with clear water beads, one with crystals and one with cellophane crinkled up and filled with water. Each has LED lights and is on different tones of gold stars (made from wrapping paper!)

3 vases with crystals, water beads or cellophane and water (looks like ice) illuminated with LEDs and on 3 different tones of gold stars (made from wrapping paper!

Event decor by Syzygy Event Productions

Syzygy Event Productions is a boutique event production company creating unimaginable event environments for all events from intimate gatherings to corporate events

Pre-prom dinner party: lights under table

I like the table set-up.maybe we could do something like this if there aren't enough round tables? Or just for a different layout if we need to change the space up some?

The Beauty of a Wedding Gown is this; Take a screen print of the dress, then take it to David's Bridal - they will get it for you - Ombre Tulle Ball Gown with Pick Up Skirt! <3

This ombre-printed wedding gown features a breathtaking tossed tulle skirt and soft sheer straps creating a romantic look. Long ombre-printed tulle ballgown features a flattering veiled bodice and antique jeweled corsage at the hip.