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7 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains • Lots of ideas and tutorials!

10 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains • The Garden Glove

7 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains • Lots of ideas and tutorials!

Lamb's Ear~ Do any of you grow this plant? Are you aware of just how many different uses there are for Lamb's Ear? Name one plant that is: edible, makes great tea, use for bandages, natural dye either light mauve or yellowish beige, super easy to grow, can be used as toilet paper, may strengthen the heart, can be used to help detoxify the liver, reduce fevers, antibacterial, helps diarrhea, soothes sore throats, and many other medical uses.

Lamb’s Ear Plant – A Grocery Store in Your Back Yard – Survival Gear Reviews and Deals!

Name one plant that is: - edible - makes great tea - use for bandages - natural dye either light mauve or yellowish beige - super easy to grow - can be used as toilet paper - may strengthen the heart - can…

Chistopher Nicholas Garden Design. Beautiful foliage garden. Pinned to Garden Design - Planting Schemes by Darin Bradbury.

Chistopher Nicholas Garden Design

Three Mount Glorious Gardens open this weekend

Visitors who head up to Mount Glorious on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September will be in for a splendid treat: three neighbouring gardens in Fahey Road, with beautiful sylvan views, are opening through Australia's Open Garden Scheme.

New Zealand Tea Tree I would love to have one in my garden

New Zealand Tea Tree

For awhile I had a New Zealand Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium) growing in a large pot in my back yard. Several varieties of this species can be found in the nursery trade. This dark red variety is my favorite, and it is quite popular in California. Later on, when I visited New Zealand, I was able to actually walk through a forest of wild tea trees, which the New Zealanders call "manuka" trees. But all of them, even the ones in cultivation, had white or pale pink flowers.

For a palette of warm-tones, combine large interesting foliage like cannas, elephant ear, and the spiky leaves of phormium (New Zealand flax) in shades of purple, green, and red.

Saturday Inspiration ~ Garden as Palette | Global Light Minds

A balanced bed brings together plants with similar-sized blossoms in complementary colors — dahlias, coreopsis, and salvia, for instance — punctuated by foliage that brings its own color and

Mikoikoi - NZ native iris

Mikoikoi - NZ native iris 2

Interestingly, this little iris (libertia grandiflora) is grown not for its small dainty flowers but for its leaves and seedheads. The long lasting yellow seedheads add a bit of colour to a winter garden and the leaves themselves can also be striking. While these are green, as it was growing in shade, in the sun the leaves turn a golden orange.

Plant of the Day: New Zealand Flax

New Zealand flax - Dramatic sword-like foliage of easy-to-grow perennial (Phormium tenax) adds structural element to garden. The plant's upright or arching leaves reach 9 feet long and come in green, bronze or maroon. It tolerates wide variety of soil types and is drought tolerant, although the plant performs just as well with regular watering. Fast-growing plant as an annual in the spring and summer garden. Plant in a full-sun location with good drainage. Hardiness: USDA Zones: 7 to 10

10 Bulletproof Plants

The gardening experts at HGTV Gardens share 10 beautiful and hardy blooming plants that will add color and life to your landscape.

new zealand tropical gardens - Google Search

new zealand tropical gardens - Google Search

Earina autumnalis: New Zealand native orchid. Also known as Raupeka, Easter orchid.

Earina autumnalis - Easter Orchid - Raupeka

Description and Photos of Earina autumnalis - Common Name: Easter Orchid - Maori Name: Raupeka

Mertya sinclarii | Puka, New Zealand native small tree grows in coastal areas

Meryta sinclarii

Meryta sinclarii puka tropical style coastal tree

Cordyline 'Purple Tower' - Landscaping with New Zealand native plants

PORTFOLIO | Ashford Landscaping

Ashford Landscaping - our completed projects. Landscape designs, Landscape Construction, Landscape Planting

avocado tree Planting and Caring Tips for your Avocado Tree

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avocado tree Planting and Caring Tips for your Avocado Tree

Pseudopanax laetus, Nz Five Finger, Tropical lush looking foliage, H x W: 3 x 1.5m