Nga waewae tapu - Maori exploration  The great explorer Kupe named a number of features in Wellington Harbour – including Matiu (Somes Island) and Mākaro (Ward Island), after his daughters. Kupe is on the right side of this panel, with Matiu and Mākaro at the bottom. On the left is the demigod Māui, and below him, the two taniwha (supernatural creatures) of Wellington Harbour, Ngake and Whātaitai.

Kupe carving and tukutuku panel – Ngā waewae tapu – Māori exploration

textiles woven nz traditional maori - Inspiration

Considering using taniko plaiting with metal fibres to make Maori wedding headband!

365 Days as it happens: Day 88 Tukutuku panels

These ' Tukutuku ' panels were first gifted to Kohia Education Centre when it was housed in Kohia Terrace just over 20 years ago.

19th century Maori feather and flax cloak with a large taniko

century Maori feather and flax cloak with a large taniko… - New Zealand Maori - Tribal

niho taniwha (teeth of the monster)

niho taniwha (teeth of the monster), tukutuku weaving panels

Kakahu maori korowai cape

Kakahu maori korowai cape by Paola Hapeta