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<3. Too true! Don't be too opinionated about someone else's horse. It's not your business anyway.

I would never insult someone's horse. I will, however, insult a horse's owner for not giving the horse everything they deserve and making them everything they can be. It's never the horse's fault.

I remember that dirt road.  Quiet, nothing but the wind coming off a field of freshly cut hay, honeysuckle growing along the road, picking up a rock and throwing it as hard as you can just to see how far you can throw it, not worrying what you hit because there isn't a house for miles.  I miss it.

Especially the memories associated with childhood on the Margaret Road before it was paved. and growing up in the country. other dirt roads that were a part of my childhood.Sanie Road, Black Jack Road and Roulaine Road. Memories of all.