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Norwex EnviroCloth is versatile while saving paper towel waste reducing methane gas that causes global warming.

Many items you buy every day contain ingredients that can cause allergic reaction, breathing difficulty, dizziness, cancer, birth defects, and other problems. What do you have in your cupboards? Norwex alleviates any and all concerns!!

I've converted over to AFFORDABLE green cleaners that actually work and have improved my health quickly. I already feel more energized!


Norwex Consultants don’t sell as much as they share. That’s why so many women become Norwex Consultants when they might have otherwise never considered joining a Direct Sales company.

Norwex Bottle Brush and Extensions to get to all of the hard to reach places.

Norwex Bottle Brushes make cleaning pot and pans, glasses, vases and bottles so easy without getting the bacteria growth most brushes get.