Chemtrails are happening worldwide. Sadly, I saw chemtrails being made when I was in Italy.

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Bizarro is a surreal comic panel where eyeballs hover, dynamite sizzles, upside-down birds soar and a slice of pie hides in every corner. Bizarro is the means by which cartoonist Dan Piraro unleashes his uniquely eccentric view of the world.

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Stylish tin-foil hats, for the discerning conspiracy theorist. Just because you are bat-sh*t crazy doesn't mean you can't have style! (Posted to my page with the comment : "I kinda favor the one in the middle, top row!

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Here's a List of All the Evidence That Proves Chemtrails Exist

Chemtrail Pilot Patch w/ or w/o velcro. A must-have addition to your flight suit.

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