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Alayna watson
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62 Stunning Underwater Photographs Illustrating The Fine Boundary Between the Surface World & Life Beneath

480 underwater partition 01 by   480 underwater partition 01by *Tigers-stock  ©2012 *Tigers-stock  STOCK RULES;  1. If you use my stock, please credit Tigers-stock and link back here.  2.Please leave a comment with a link to your work on the stock entry you used.3. You may sell prints of your artwork on and off deviantart but no other commercial use please 4. Putting one filter over my stock or just changing the colours a bit does not constitute a new work of art.

Every year I become more and more fond of summers and spending long days at the beach. Enjoying the sea breeze and the sand under my toes. There is a unique tranquility about the water, a sence of peace about the ocean.

It is not those babys or kids that are in pageants and all blinged up that I find cute but the ones that get caught on film being their own self. This is why I love this picture.

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