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40 Funny But Creative Photo Manipulation Designs | Creative Nerds

40 manipulações fotográficas bem divertidas para ter muita inspiração.

These creepy novelty photos demonstrate that Victorians had a weird sense of humor. Long before Photoshop, Victorian photographers combined images from [.

Scary Vintage Halloween Masks Ahead.

As you would have guessed Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love spooking myself out. It is so fun. This year is will no different. Only 3 weeks time my annual Halloween getaway! I better start getting ready and working on my costume. I'm planning on making my own fox mask out of papier mache and felt. Hopefully I'll get it done in time for the big night. Speaking of masks, I've been working on some Halloween masks for Glob paints the last few days and have been looking…

HALLOWEEN - Something dark in a corner can be very scary. a wicked witch, demo or ghoul? Great decoration to haunt the inside of your house for Halloween

While you're sleeping..........

Photos: American Horror Story: Freak Show has many weird and wonderful characters - but the real life inspiration is incredible!

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Photos: American Horror Story: Freak Show has many weird and wonderful characters - but the real life inspiration is incredible!

most likely, post mortem, the parents; family in Victorian clothes;

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Creepy VINTAGE PHOTO Zombie Family in by vintagewarehouse on Etsy, BOO hey halloween photo !!

horror-nula: “ Will You Crack Under the Creepiness of These Eerie GIFs? Arte Horror, Horror Art, Horror Movies, Creepy Art, Creepy Dolls, Dark Fantasy, Images Terrifiantes, Art Sinistre, Arte Obscura

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These GIFs are the scariest that the internet has to offer, but can you get through them all without shuddering?

PT Barnum and Bailey Circus' Bearded Lady Old Circus, Dark Circus, Night Circus, Circus Acts, Barnum Circus, Pt Barnum, Vintage Carnival, Vintage Circus, Human Zoo

DORA GUTTERMAN. Aka, Madame Krao the Bearded Lady or the Monkey Girl. (My mother, ARTORIA GIBBONS, one of the most famous Tattooed Ladies of all time worked with her. They were good friends.)

This site exists to discredit the idea of the Victorian standing post mortem photo. Post mortem photos do exist, but none of them are stand alone. Photographie Post Mortem, Fotografia Post Mortem, La Sombra Sobre Innsmouth, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Human Oddities, Creepy Vintage, Post Mortem Photography, Creepy Pictures, Scary Photos

Esta mirada con los ojos saltones se llama "Innsmouth Look", mirada de pescado o de rana. Este tipo de fotografías inspiraron la obra de HP Lovecraft "La sombra sobre Innsmouth"

Vintage photo boy with chicken rooster smoking child print poster weird unusual strange black and white wall decor antique odd bizarre

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Ellis Island Portraits Dutch siblings from the Island of Marken, holding religious tracts. Ellis Island, New York. (Once an immigration center)

What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

America's diversity captured in photos of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

'Tom Thumb' -- Charles Sherwood Stratton was born 4 January and his growth virtually stopped at six months, reaching only one meter at adulthood. He was picked up by P. Barnum and became a huge circus success as "General Tom Thumb.

The Most Famous Circus Freaks from Sideshow History

The freak show has a long and bizarre history. Here are some of the most famous circus freaks ever mesmerize audiences inside the sideshow tent.