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.: Matariki Fact Recall

Matariki Fact Recall

We have been learning about Matariki and the constellation. Matariki is a small cluster of stars and it is also known as Plieades. There are several hundred stars but only seven of them can be seen. Matariki is a traditional Maori New Year. Matariki is celebrated with education and sharing ideas. Matariki is a time for remembering people you've lost.

Matariki – The Maori New Year

Educational Resources - Matariki

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Library Displays: Matariki - New Zealand

Matariki - Maori New Year

By Jacqueline Gardner-Cook & Courtney Newman Two of our students created this display for Matariki, we love Jacqueline's painting! I attached some stars onto a boring black post and now we are ready to celebrate Maori New Year! If you don't know much about Matariki you can find some details here: Ko te whānau o Matariki: Matariki Education Resource - Te Papa: The Museum of New Zealand