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My parents bullied me into holding this sign. 'Like' if you want to bully bullies into not bullying.

From STOP Bullying project. Glasses are nothing to be bullied about. Stop bullying! When I was this girls age I had glasses, I was never bullied for it though. This little girl is sooooooo adorable and I think she rocks the glasses

AWW!!!!!!! Please repin this to every board! Tell everyone to repin it!

I hope that u would all pass this message on bc it would be amazing to save a little girls life. Let's prove that we have a heart! Please post your name if you posted this!

I think that this cat is still cute. Please share this. Every animal deserves a life no matter what. Cat abuse is a big problem, and if we all share this, maybe we can stop it.

Learn How to Draw Eyes This a very popular site but also a very good one for references.

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