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Alison Hartley

Alison Hartley
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Thread Storage Solution

Thread Storage Solution--This includes two, three drawer storage bins used for scrap book paper. Each drawer is x by 2 deep. dowels that cut into 1 lengths using pruning shears! pre-marked the drawers, used a little hot glue and wait till cool.

15+ Disappearing Quilt Patterns

Have you seen those super fun disappearing quilt blocks? Not sure what to do with them? Here is a collection of 15 disappearing quilt patterns to help you out.

Kittens at the milk pail.

They're so cute, but cows milk is very bad for animals because their digestive systems can't handle it and it causes diarrhea. Fresh milk for the farm kittens

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. Fun fact: After the second world war, there were only 8 of these in the entire world. Every single Leonberger today can be traced back to these.

Meet Simba, a German mountain dog who belongs to a giant breed called "Leonberger". These magnificent creatures can weigh 170 pounds, but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle. I WOULD THINK WAY MORE THAN 170 POUNDS!