slapen en opbergen slapen styling: Cleo Scheulderman photo: Alexander van Berge

Sometimes you only need a few colours to make your bedroom look nice. The choice of soft pink bedding gives this apartment style bedroom a ultra feminine feel.

One of the hottest designers in Buenos Aires, Laura Orcoyen specializes in a variety of minimalist home decor items, from bed linens and furniture to salt and pepper shakers. Her creations are simple yet contemporary, often crafted from local materials. Textured details, such as white denim or crochet finishes, complement clean lines and wood structures. You’ll need to make an appointment to visit her eclectic atelier, spread through a modernist mansion designed by her architect husband…

9 Inspirational Shops in Buenos Aires for Design Lovers

Buenos Aires, Latin America’s style capital with a wealth of independent boutiques, marries a love of Nordic simplicity with a vibrancy inherent to the region.


Santa Rosa Residence - Transitional - Bedroom - san francisco - by Jennifer Robin Interiors

Wildwood Citrine Duvet Set | Meet Wildwood. Inspired by vintage ink drawings, we created a whimsical world with our favorite woodland animals. The vibrant background highlights the artistry of our designers in the unique, illustration style of the black and white drawing.

DwellStudio Wildwood Citrine Duvet Set Inspired by whimsical vintage ink drawings