Amanda Adachi

Amanda Adachi

New Zealand / I have two cute cats oh and I like anime I have a little brother I am half Japanese and half Brazilian
Amanda Adachi
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I ship nalu so hard the are the future and nali was the past...

I ship nalu so much that I couldn't ignore. I am a failure to the chainmail community.<<<<<<but let's be real, who even still ships nali at this point

I will!!

Natsu Dragneel, Happy,Why don't you join Fairy Tail? *_* I will!

You know You need Natsu smiling on your profile - How much you want...

I have this habit of breaking out into the goofiest of grins sometimes around my GF and we have officially dubbed it as my "Natsu smile"

Esto es lo que pasa si lo que tiras no lo recoges

Captain Levi (The Clean Freak) - Attack on Titan Haha he's holding the brooms like his blades, LOL IM DYING!