Rebecca And Amarah

Rebecca And Amarah

Rebecca And Amarah
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Why can't things stay simple? This is Rin's constant struggle.

Naomi and Jake as the 3rd head their way after Naomi collapsed.

so much luv for this GIF, lovers embrace, making out whist the whole city riots. Just needs a lightning storm now .wild at heart

Maeve and Charlie - " It's a funeral, it's okay to cry." "Funerals are just putting someone under dirt, the ceremony has already happened when they died, I cried then." "You really are hertless aren't you?" "Call it heartless, I call it experience."

Bradley and Richard - at funeral of teacher Miss Watson - she looks rather bored - evil cow - bates Motel - Season 2 - episode 1 - gone but not forgotten

"What on this entire Earth, made you believe that pushing the red button was a good idea, don't you watch movies?" "Well it wasnt my fautl, you left me unsupervised-" "I was standing right there!" "With an adult, you didnt let me finish-" "I am an adult!

AGGGGHHHHH THE IDEAS! You just get this fuzzy feeling all over your body and then the wheels in your brain start turning!


"We're just a bunch of teenagers!" I screamed, feeling myself crack. "We can't handle this! The can't expect us to save them!" I was about to say more when my sobs overtook me. I had never felt so overwhelmed in my entire life.

Ticci Toby: when you've got nothing left. You've got nothing to lose.