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One of my biggest frustrations -- drawing. I just can't draw. Sad.

I like how some part of the pictures are darker then others, they catch your eye faster. So the first thing you see is the dress, then you see the flower in the hair. Like the Hair and dress

“Potter!” whispered Professor McGonagall, clutching her heart. “Potter--- you're here! What---? How---?” She struggled to pull herself together. “Potter, that was foolish!” “He spat at you,” said Harry. “Potter, I --- that was very --- gallant of you --- but don't you realize --?” “Yeah, I do,” Harry assured her. Harry's respect for McGonagall is amazing. I really wish that they had left that scene in the movie.

Harry has never cast an unforgivable curse on ANYONE, Not even Voldemort. Yet seeing this low life spit at McGonagall, he didn't even think twice about throwing out an unforgivable curse.