I like the detail of Zuko not bending lighting

I like the detail of Zuko not bending lighting. Also, look, it's Sparky Sparky boom man!

Did you know...?

Avatar - The Last Airbender (and The Legend Of Korra) Fun Facts."there was no movie made about ATLA". "What movie are you talking about?

Zuko Firebending moves by ~0KiWi0 on deviantART

Longest quiz I have ever taken (more like a final exam lol) so must be accurate? I got : Fire! Avatar: The Last Airbender - Your Element (side note: EXTREMELY LONG QUIZ)

Sword Art Online- Kirito x Asuna

Avatar Aang

Pretty sure this is supposed to be a cross of Aang fro Avatar the last Airbender and Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist. Just a theory.

Toph vs a Weeping Angel

Flick of doom by on Deviantart - Toph vs. a Weeping Angel (Avatar TLA meets Doctor Who)

The Legend of Korra by TiuanaRui.deviant... Aw Tenzin and Pema! I love this!

The Legend of Korra by *TiuanaRui on deviantART (Geek Stuff Seasons)

avatar le dernier maitre de l air __ Aang

The animation in Avatar: The Last Airbender has had a major influence in my art as well-- it's what got me hooked on the beauty of eyes.-- This is gorgeous.