The newly shod bird, seen here, is one of 18 "second chance" little penguins now living at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. The penguins, also called blue or fairy penguins, were adopted from Marineland in Napier, New Zealand, which rescues sick or injured marine animals and sends some of those that can't return to the wild to live at regional animal centers.

"Elvis", a rescue fairy penguin, was fitted with blue shoes for his sore feet at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, NZ.and Elvis is wearing his blue suede shoes!

Kakapo bird - By the early 1900s, the kakapo was thought to be extinct, although there had been a sighting of one on Stewart Island in 1949. Then in 1958, a live kakapo was found (by a Wildlife Service expedition’s dog) in Fiordland—the remote southwest region of the mainland.

Kakapo: rare bird of NZ. There are only 62 left in existence. The name comes from the native Maori language, meaning “night parrot.” night parrot Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) - The world's heaviest parrot~


New Zealand birds - Listen to calls

New Zealand Kea

New Zealand Kea - smart birds, they like destroying things with their very able beak.


The tiny Fantail eats small insects and can be friendly enough to fly into our…

Rifleman - Endemic Native NZ Bird

Tītitipounamu/rifleman - Endemic Native NZ BirdAotearoa/New Zealand's smallest…

Kaka, New Zealand, Stewart Island

The New Zealand Kaka, also known as Kākā, (Nestor meridionalis) is a New Zealand parrot endemic to the native forests of New Zealand.

Blue Penguins in Oamaru, New Zealand

Blue Penguins or Fairy Penguins, now officially known as Little Penguins, the smallest penguin of the 17 known penguin species and are only tall, found in Australia and New Zealand and live for approximately years

Brown kiwi are found on Stewart Island and can be seen at night as well as during the day which is unique for Stewart Island and is due to the long day light hours on Southern New Zealand.

Stewart Island, NZ is a nature lover’s paradise. Here are the top 5 things to do while on Stewart Island.

NZ native bird - Fantail

a NZ Fantail.I'd love these cuties in my backyard.

Pukeko - Native NZ Bird

The pūkeko is probably one of the most recognised native birds in New Zealand with its distinctive colourings and habit of feeding on the ground.

Saddleback - Endemic Native NZ Bird

marches the color of the flower.a color coordinated birdie!

pine cone bird feeder · instructions from NZ Department of Conservation

Make a pine cone bird feeder: Attract birds to your garden

Perfect little Fantail's nest (NZ native bird)

Perfect little Fantail's nest (NZ native bird) - I've found several of these, always fascinate, often lined with animal hair.

Banded Dotterel, Stewart Island, New Zealand

Banded Dotterel, Stewart Island, New Zealand

Waxeye & Pittosporum umbellatum

Pittosporum umbellatum and Waxeye