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Giada Laiso Wonderland

Giada Laiso - Bemoaning the Loss of Limbo “Silk” series The Escape of Souls “Silk” series Youth Love and Violence “Silk” series Foun.

Good photography by using the shadows of the hands with the people acting as if the shadows were actually manipulating them.

I was looking at different photography boards and this really stood out to me. I really like how such a simple concept like shadow puppets can create the most powerful and interesting message. This visual trick could definitely inspire future design.

10/365   “New Days”  Self-portrait. I want to start getting in to fashion photography. Inspired by Matt Wisniewski  Like me on Facebook please!  https://www.facebook.com/NicholasScarpinatoPhotography

nicholas scarpinato - Fine art photographer Nicholas Scarpinato creates dreamlike captures that mimic the beauty of traditional paintings using digital mediums.