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"Sweet mother sweet mother, send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." -Chant from the Black Sacrament

Mass Effect poster by ~adrius15 on deviantART

Mass Effect poster. whenever I see anything Mass Effect, I just think of Jordan and his hat -Will

no......stop......don't........i said not to!! // we don't need people like YOU in this fandom we've got enough heartbreak as it is!!

Swiggity swoo, he's my friend let me through. ~~ swiggity swoo he put one over you. Swiggity swack, now Sherlock is back


Sounds like a cute nudge at John not taking Mycroft's initial offer to spy on Sherlock. Mycroft trusts John <-- I agree

You guys are my fandomly<3

Exactly what I tell my patents about my "internet friends"< tell? If I told I would die and never be allowed to use intended ever. Mama doesn't like me talking to 'strangers'

Dragon Age | Anders

Somehow I don't see the connection between moody Anders and cheerful Winnie, but it's cute anyway.

Skyrim - Shout it all out! by TomPreston on deviantART

The first time your character learns that they are "dragonborn," you are asked to shout at a warrior to prove it. Dragonborn, it seems, can learn easily. Skyrim - Shout it all out!