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Devil flower mantis - and now we know what the Starship Trooper bugs were based on

giant devil flower mantids (idolomantis diabolica) looks like something from a transformers movie lol

Indian rose mantis. I'm not a fan of pink, but that's beautiful!

adsertoris: “ themagicfarawayttree: “ Indian Rose Mantis (Gongylus gongylodes) ” Gongylus gongylodes, also known as the wandering violin mantis, Ornate mantis or Indian rose mantis, is an insect of.

This is a good picture of what a mantis looks like in North Texas. They can also be brown. The really colorful ones are usually not seen around here but they are fun to look at. Just an FYI they can fly.

The Praying Mantis is Connecticut's state insect, probably because it does so much for the state's environment by eating many invasive and pesky species that would otherwise destroy crops and plants.

Not an alien species

Thistle mantis by "Blepharopsis" on deviantart. You can always rely on this photographer for AMAZING macro shots of exotic creatures.

I have 1 every yr. living in my garden. Maybe he/she will pose for me this summer.:)

Surreal Macro Photographs of Insects. Malaysian photographer Lee Peiling created images so fantastic pictures.

One would think the mantis being much bigger of the two species, would be the winner, but many times, one is very surprised with the outcome.

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And were looking for alien life on distant planets! Spiny Flower Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii) perhaps? I think so anyway. So damn cool!