Feijoa Loaf

Moist Feijoa Loaf

Foodlovers recipe to make a moist feijoa loaf that you will love.


Feijoa Loaf

Veganise with non dairy substitutes and egg replacer or a flax or chia egg. Feijoa loaf - my favourite baking treat at the moment. Scrummy straight from the oven.

Spiced feijoas

If you’ve got them by the kilo, here’s how to get the most out of the feijoa.

feijoa butterscotch self-saucing sticky puddings | FEIJOA FEIJOA

feijoa butterscotch self-saucing sticky puddings

New Zealand Feijoa Growers Association char grilled feijoas on blue chees

A variety of feijoa recipes, including chargrilled with blue cheese, feijoa mousse, and feijoa amber (like a crust-less meringue pie)