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This is me now...

I am the oldest in my ballet class and im 22 the next oldest and the youngest is 10 lol

That's me

Dance Problems - I always find myself standing in or position! Or even wake up in the morning with my legs in Pośe. And I catch my self at other sports doing that. And people just stare

Unicorn 1st birthday | Rainbow birthday party | 100 Layer Cakelet

I need this for my next birthday! I don't care how old I am 😍🦄Unicorn birthday Rainbow birthday party 100 Layer Cakelet

My backwards bending knees.... They always make people either say "wow" or "doesn't that hurt?" Or "OMG that's so gross please stop!"

Ginny, my friend from dance taught me how creepy her flexibility is

When you know you're a dancer..

Yes my splits hurt. Yes my pre pointes hurt. And yes I can hold an arabesque for nearly a minute in the correct position an make my self look beautiful but even though it hurts you will know if your a true artist if you continue to dance! ⬆ By: Me

haha true story!!!! @Cindy Barlan @wilmarOse @Abby CeLi

Little Dance Things When you're with friends who don't dance and a song you've danced to comes on and you start marking the choreography and they think you're crazy.

dance moms comics - Google Search

I know I sometimes post Abby on this board and I know she not a young talented dance, lol, but u know

Dancer problems.

I had a costume that had a bunch of red glitter 4 years ago and I still find red glitter EVERYWHERE!