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Unlike in Sword Art Online, these Crystals aren’t so expensive that you’ll be hesitating to use them. Keep one close around your neck until you’re in that dangerous situation and are in desperate need for that life-saving heal or transport. #swordartonline #soa #kawaii

OliaDesign Onecos Sword Art Online SAO Metastasis Crystal Necklace, Blue Four color to choose: green yellow purple blue Material: Zinc Alloy

Oh my fucking universe!! Give me the black one and you will be a duo fighter with me! " Okay Mabel!" *stands for a while and finds out what just happened. " Oh my god!" "what's it Mabel?" " You just gave me your sword!" "Yeah what is wrong with that?" "nothing but Kirito?" "yeah?" "LET ME LOVE YOU TILL YOU DIE!"

Fantasy Art Armor Anime Boy With Swords Kirigaya Kazuto Wallpaper - Sword Art Online (SAO)

Sword Art Online, Asuna, by Tsuedzu

Sword Art Online, Asuna, by Tsuedzu

Applepiefasna/#1787368 - Zerochan

Applepiefasna/#1787368 - Zerochan


Gumi Megpoid from Vocaloid it's just a RENDER! i didn't draw this! if you use it, please give me credit (as renderer and not artist) and show me what you did with it, I'd love to see that

Touken Ranbu

Cool gas mask guy with yellow eyes, I plan to draw a full-body of this guy with a slightly different haircut later in time^^ (Cool Art Ideas)

adorable, amazing, anime, art - image #535526 sur

vocaloid, hatsune miku and gas mask image on We Heart It

long black hair girl gas mask - Google Search

bionic gas masks, ugh, can we?

long black hair girl gas mask - Google Search

Faces of Faery 143 gas mask steampunk big eye fairy face art print by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

This is like the Child's big sister XD or genderbent. OMG I WOULD DIE IF SOME MADE A GENDERBENT DOCTOR WHO CHARACTERS

nice Ariel Wydnie wearing a gas mask in the later volume. Sort of tells the story, do.