Tui on Rata by Jeanette Blackburn

Tui on Rata by Jeanette Blackburn for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints

Tui in the kowhai flowers

Tui - Our New Zealand native bird feeding in Kowhai tree which is easily recognized by it's yellow flowers whose nectar is a favourite for this bird!


Pomaderris kumeraho Kumarahou Kumarohou is a plant of poor soils and is found from North Cape to Kawhia and the Bay of Plenty. Kumarahou makes lather if the leaves and flowers are crushed and stirred in a bowl of water.


Vitex lucens, also called New Zealand teak or mahogany, is perhaps best known by its Maori name puriri. This is a tree species that is endemic to the North Island of New Zealand, where it is a constituent of coastal and lowland forests.


tubular tyoo’bu-lar adj. tubulus: a small pipe) Cylindrical and hollow.

Seedheads - clematis forsteri - New Zealand

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Hebe speciosa ‘Magenta’

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- si utilizza prevalentemente come protettivo e tonico della pelle


Another world opens if you have a close look at what is happening within the plants that structure the ornamental garden.

Hedycarya arborea porokaiwhiri, pigeonwood Monimaceae October

Obsolete, ob’so-let adj. obsolescent ob’so-les’ent adj. obsolescere: to fall into disuse) Not obvious, indistinct, rudimentary, poorly developed.

Beautiful pohutukawa display

pohutukawa, New Zealand Christmas tree The spectacular flowers of pohutukawa blaze red during December/Christmas/summer. They can be composed of dozens of individual flowers, each with their distinctive red stamens.